Travel By Lisa


By AMA Waterways


      I arrived into Paris for my AmaWaterways River cruise on the AmaLyra. If you decide to travel with on Ama on a river cruise you are in for something special. This is a high end experience and you will receive one on one service which is unparalleled. The staff will assist you with your every need. Before the evening dining you will meet in the lounge for a free happy hour to go over your excursions for the next day. All of the optional excursions are included in the price of your cruise. The tour are coordinated to your level of physical ability. If you are a slow mover you will take the tour with others of the same physical level. If you are fast mover you will be with others interested in seeing things more quickly. This is a major benefit in sightseeing with a group.


The food is five star and your dining experience is over the top. The chef came out to talk to us one evening, he said that he was born and raised in Germany. I asked if I could get Weiner Schnitzel? The next day, it was one of the lunch options. Wow, did I feel special!!! Ama has a special restaurant that you can dine at called the “Chef’s Table”. It is an intimate experience where the chef makes the food right in front of you. They pair the courses with local wines that complement your meal. This is a first class experience that with top notch service.


I can go on and on about the wonderful experience that I have received on Ama. But I will tell you about the very last bit of attention that I received. After getting back home for about a week, I received a postcard of the crew signed by the head crew members. Just another way they make you feel so special and appreciated. I love Ama! 

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