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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

Why should I book through a travel agent?

While it is true, booking by yourself online, you may find travel deals and packages. But this frequently comes with the stress and hassle of research, planning, and the knowledge of minor details such as requirements for different countries (visas, health tests, etc.).  
In a post-pandemic world, travel agents are vital. Covid has changed many companies and country restrictions, policies, insurance details considerations, and travel advisories. At Travel by Lisa, we continue to stay up to date on all of these fine details to ensure our clients a stress-free, relaxing vacation.   

What are the benefits of using Travel by Lisa?

Using Travel by Lisa as your primary travel agency can help you save time, stress, and money. Sometimes we have better access to deals that aren't yet or won't ever be open to the general public. Travel by Lisa makes the most challenging trips stress-free while providing our clients the best advice and assistance.

What does Travel by Lisa charge? Do I pay a fee?

A majority of the time, the trip planning is free. Most travel suppliers pay the travel agency a commission. If you were to book directly, the travel supplier would keep that commission for themselves. Many people think that it is cheaper to book directly and in fact it may cost more.

When would Travel by Lisa turn down a client? What are requests not handled?

Travel by Lisa will not take clients looking to book airline-only or hotel-only reservations. I will not be doing F.I.T travel (flexible, independent travel). These trips are very time-consuming, and I don't have the help in the office. I will not be booking clients to an area where their safety could be at risk or somewhere I do not know or have experience. That ensures the client gets the best value using Travel by Lisa.

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