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Greece & Greek Islands Extras

Enhance your travel experience with optional tour add-ons, such as a four-day exploration of Istanbul's historic sites, a culinary walking tour through Athens, a scenic walking tour in Santorini's Megalochori, or a mythological journey to the ancient island of Delos near Mykonos. These add-ons offer deep dives into local cultures, historic landmarks, and regional cuisines, with options suitable for every interest and providing memorable enhancements to your main itinerary.

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Optional Tour Enhancements

Incorporating tour add-ons into your vacation can immensely enhance your travel experience. These optional extras allow for a deeper and more personalized exploration of your destination. From cultural immersions and nature explorations to leisure activities, each add-on is crafted to enrich your journey beyond the standard itinerary. They offer a chance to engage with aspects of your destination that you're most passionate about, making your trip more tailored to your interests. Not only do these additions provide variety and depth to your travel experience, but they also give you the flexibility to shape your vacation according to your preferences, ensuring that your time is spent in the most fulfilling and enjoyable way possible.

4 Day, 3 Night Istanbul Post Tour Extension

Per Person Rates: $799 Double, $1,099 Single

Your itinerary covers four days in Istanbul, a vibrant city bridging East and West. On Day 16, after arriving in Istanbul, you'll immerse yourself in the local culture with a dinner featuring Turkish cuisine. Day 17 is filled with guided tours, starting with the Hagia Sophia, then the Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace. You'll also experience the energy of the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market. The next day, Day 18, begins with a scenic cruise on the Bosphorus Strait, followed by free time to explore the city further, with an optional Turkish bath experience. Your journey concludes on Day 19, marking the end of the tour. Breakfast is included on Days 17, 18, and 19.

Athens Local Food Tour

Per Person Rates: $119

Experience Athens through the eyes of its inhabitants! Accompany a local expert on a culinary walking tour that delves into the heart of Athens' gastronomy. Traverse three distinctive neighborhoods brimming with clandestine treasures rarely witnessed by the average tourist. Be warmly greeted in local eateries, bakeries, and markets, indulging in a curated selection of the region's finest dishes and wines. As you savor each bite, your guide will illuminate the cultural and regional relevance of every delicacy. Gain insights into prevalent grocery selections in local markets and uncover the pivotal role of spices in Greek culinary traditions. As you saunter, admire the city's classic architecture and stumble upon ancient Athenian relics recently unearthed. Please be aware that this experience is not available on national and religious holidays due to venue closures. The excursion spans roughly 3.5 hours, and a minimum participation of 10 guests is necessitated. Transportation provisions are included.

Walking Tour in Meglochori & Santorini

Per Person Rates: $95

Venture to Santorini's southern realm, where the quaint village of Megalochori awaits. This village, rich in history, traces its origins back to the 17th century and stands as one of the island's most scenic spots. Embark on an explorative stroll through its labyrinthine lanes, casting your gaze into the charming boutiques, marketplaces, and churches, immersing in the rhythms of local existence. Post your exploration, find respite in a local eatery. Relish a sumptuous 3-course dinner, each dish echoing the essence of regional flavors, all set against the backdrop of the vast, azure expanse of the Aegean Sea. Let the evening culminate in a celebratory toast, marking your remarkable sojourn. The experience extends over approximately 3 hours, and requires a group of at least 15 participants. Transportation amenities are provided.

Mykonos Ancient Delos: Apollo's Island 

Per Person Rates: $149

Embark on a journey through time with a half-day venture to the mythical island of Delos, the renowned birthplace of the deities Apollo and Artemis. A brisk 30-minute boat journey will land you amidst the antiquities of this UNESCO heritage site. Let your guide weave tales of Greek mythology into the fabric of the ancient ruins, as you traverse streets reminiscent of the Hellenistic era. Marvel at the grandeur of the House of Dionysus, a testament from the 4th-century BC adorned with age-old mosaics and intact pillars. Visit the majestic Temple of Apollo, the Sacred Lake, and the protective Naxian Lions under the guidance of your expert. Post this enlightening guided expedition, which lasts about 90 minutes, relish moments of self-guided exploration. As you sail back to Mykonos, drink in panoramic vistas of Delos, the Sacred Island. Kindly note, this experience mandates a pre-purchase at least 10 days prior to setting out; on-tour acquisitions might not be assured. The entire experience spans roughly 4 hours, necessitates a minimum of 15 participants, and is contingent upon agreeable weather conditions. Comprehensive transportation is part of the package.

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