2020 - 2021

Caribbean & Panama Canal

Ease into relaxation

Whether you’re seeking rejuvenation, transformation or simply need a break from the everyday, let Princess® whisk you away. Luxuriate on soft white sands in the Caribbean and ponder the relics of ancient Maya ruins. Transit the awe-inspiring Panama Canal and discover this modern engineering marvel and rainforest-clad surroundings. Above all, take time for yourself because you deserve to come back new.®

Immersed in island life

From your first port of call, you’ll understand why Princess® has been rated among the Best Cruise Lines in the Caribbean by U.S. News & World Report. Experience the world’s most amazing beaches. Meet the locals who bring island culture to life. Enjoy bright pops of flavors and be rejuvenated by the warm Caribbean sun

A man-made marvel

With more sailings to the Panama Canal than any other cruise line, it’s no wonder that Princess is the No. 1 way to experience this epic phenomenon. Sail aboard custom ships built to sail the massive locks and engage in immersive onboard and onshore adventures.

Feel the soul of the Caribbean

The party starts from the time you sail away! Pick your poolside drink and get lost in the rhythms of calypso, reggae and steel pan. A Terrace Pool Gold Party is inspired by legends of pirate ships and buried treasure, and kids will get a kick out of swashbucklin’ fun as they learn how to talk, dress and even dance like pirates. In between festivities, take time to meet the colorful parrots and macaws in the Atrium and hear from treasure hunters and a real-life shark diver.

New Discoveries

Princess's exclusive partnership with Discovery™ opens up a whole new world for you to enjoy. Engage in our Discovery at SEA programs inspired by hit shows such as MythBusters and Shark Week. Kids will love making their own shark-tooth necklaces while families can gather for rousing rounds of trivia, gaze into constellations or check out the indoor planetarium. Camp Discovery offers age-appropriate activities for kids ages three to 17 while parents enjoy time to themselves.

Caribbean year-round

It’s always a good time in the Caribbean, which is why Princess® sails there year-round from 4-day getaways to week-long cruises or even longer. And whenever you sail, you’ll enjoy the exclusive Princess MedallionClass™ experience — the easiest way to vacation.


Is there any better way to get into vacation mode? We have your drink of choice right on board, plus fruity Caribbean-inspired surprises. Order a mojito infused with mint or try a zesty Mayan Heat created by master mixologist Rob Floyd. Indulge in that long-awaited poolside piña colada. Or enjoy watching the sunset while sipping a red-and-orangehued Ultimate Cooler cocktail.


Immerse yourself in Caribbean culture through its cuisine as you experience nuanced flavors and local island ingredients. In Jamaica, the famous jerk chicken is dry rubbed or marinated with a perfectly balanced blend of spices. Mofongo is made with fried green plantains mashed with garlic and crisp chicharrones.

Eastern Caribbean

Beauty is everywhere on these tropical isles. Stroll top-rated sands, jump into turquoise waters and dive into the local culture where art, music and cuisine are essential parts of your experience. Sail away with Princess® to the Eastern Caribbean to ensure that you come back new.®

Princess Cays,® 


This 40-acre exclusive resort is your gateway to both relaxation and adventure. Kick back with a beach barbecue, take a wild banana boat ride, go snorkeling, kayaking, or simply relax on the beach. You can even share moments in real time with our lightning fast MedallionNetTM Wi-Fi.

Princess Cays® Excursion


Get out and into the exclusive island of Eleuthera to encounter local life and vivid landscapes. Keep your camera ready and be sure to snap a photo of Rock Sound Harbor.

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Go shopping in Charlotte Amalie, escape to the waters for world-class snorkeling and sailing, or take photos from a mountaintop. Every seven-day Eastern Caribbean voyage includes a More Ashore Late Night call here, so you can experience its dynamic nightlife and other cultural attractions.

St. Thomas Excursion


Enjoy ample time submerged in the waters of Turtle Cove. We’ll provide the equipment and guide, you bring your underwater camera.

St. Maarten

Part French, part Dutch, this small island is full of personality. The only question is, how do you want to spend your day? Duty-free shopping in Philipsburg or Marigot is always a draw. Or get out into nature where lush landscapes, white beaches and amazing caves await.

St. Maarten Excursion

SUNSET TALL SHIP EXPERIENCE Enjoy a sunset from an ideal point of view. This new excursion invites you onto a classic tall ship to view tropical scenery as the sun sets, revealing a blanket of stars overhead.

Western Caribbean

Exquisite beaches and lush jungle interiors are highlights of your Western Caribbean voyage, and there is even more to discover just beyond the shore. Ancient Maya ruins, the world’s second-largest barrier reef and indigenous creatures make your visit extraordinary.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

The beauty of Seven Mile Beach is matched only by the lovely sights found underwater on a snorkeling excursion. Or venture into otherworldly terrain when you visit “Hell,” black limestone formations in the northwest town of West Bay.

Grand Cayman Excursion


Simple yet stunning, this excursion takes you 100 feet underwater without getting wet. See breathtaking marine life through wide portholes as you glide along a coral wall.

Cozumel, Mexico

Every 7-day Western Caribbean voyage includes a More Ashore Late Night call in Cozumel, so you have more time to explore this vivid destination. See ancient Maya ruins in Tulum or the lost city of Coba, or experience snorkeling the spectacular coral reef.

Cozumel Excursion


The whole family will enjoy an outing that blends eco-adventures with ancient ruins.

Belize City, Belize

This city is the gateway to a world of attractions, from a rainforest filled with tropical wildlife to treasured Maya ruins. Belize is home to the world’s second-largest barrier reef — with 70 hard coral species, 36 soft coral species and 500 species of fish — enticing snorkelers and divers from around the globe.

Belize Excursion


It’s beyond amazing to see this UNESCO World Heritage Site up close. Snorkel among the colorful wonders and then take a well-deserved break on a private island.

Southern Caribbean

Voyage deeper into the Caribbean where remote isles offer unique histories, and vivid landscapes give way to even more breathtaking underwater worlds. Sail to the “ABC islands” of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao and step onto lush isles such as Grenada and Dominica where natural wonders are beyond compare.


Only 40 miles or so off the coast of Venezuela, this remote island is full of charm. From the pastel-colored Dutch architecture of Willemstad to well-preserved forts and even a quirky ostrich farm, there is always something new to discover.

Curaçao Excursion


See the wild side of Curaçao on this day out, from the ancient Indian Caves to a safari Jeep ride to meet ostriches up close.


Blending African and English cultures, Barbados is an intriguing destination. Stay close to nature whether you’re snorkeling crystal-clear waters or exploring a massive cave system, or dig deeper into cultural attractions that make this island so unique.

Barbados Excursion


Over two miles of chambers make Harrison’s Cave an unforgettable adventure as you gaze at the beautiful limestone formations underground.

Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

World-class diving and snorkeling only scratch the surface of all that you can experience on Bonaire. Located off the coast of Venezuela, this island is home to an 18th-century British fortress, stunning beaches and one of the best-preserved mangrove forests in all of the Caribbean.

Bonaire Excursion


One of the most popular island excursions, this day out takes you north to a restored village and stops at a natural saltwater lake where pink flamingos gather.


A land of contrasts, Aruba boasts unique landscapes with a wild arid interior, clear waters and rugged coasts dotted with twisted trees shaped by the trade winds. With a booming culinary scene, enduring Dutch heritage and welcoming locals, this island is ripe for adventure.

Aruba Excursion

ORANJESTAD WALKING TOUR Get to know colorful Oranjestad on foot as you stroll past 18th-century architecture and step into the museum inside Fort Zoutman.


Native Arawak called this an “isle of flowers,” and it’s readily apparent why. It’s a paradise of emerald rainforest and fertile volcanic soil that brings forth bountiful tropical fruits framed by gorgeous beaches. Governed by France, the island’s culture is a mix of French, Caribbean, African and Middle Eastern influences.

Martinique Excursion

ST. PIERRE & RUM DISTILLERY See the best of all worlds on this popular excursion, passing through picturesque roads and historic villages and visiting a rum distillery that sits at the foot of a volcano.

St. Kitts

Like an emerald jewel placed in a sapphire sea, St. Kitts is nothing short of extraordinary. One of the more secluded islands in the Caribbean, St. Kitts is the perfect place to go off the grid and truly unwind. Spend time in the capital Basseterre for a peek into the island’s colonial past with its Georgian-style buildings and Circus plaza.

St. Kitts Excursion


Climb aboard the “Last Railway in the West Indies” for a unique tour of the island. Then, sail away on your catamaran past Brimstone Hill and Mount Liamuiga.

Transiting the Panama Canal

As your ship is raised and lowered through the Panama Canal’s lock system, powered by gravity using water pulled from Gatun Lake, you’ll be captivated by the experience. Amplifying this memorable event are guest lecturers who share real-time narration, an exclusive benefit of sailing with Princess.®

Mark off one of life’s milestone moments. Cross from one ocean to another on a full transit or experience a portion of the Panama Canal on a partial transit. No matter which you select, Princess will bring you closer to one of mankind’s greatest engineering achievements.


Whether you choose a full or a partial transit of the Panama Canal, your voyage includes rich encounters around this storied region. From Colón, you can be a part of a historic passage when you ride the Panama Canal Railroad, the world’s first transcontinental railroad. You’ll also have access to six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Archaeological Site of Panamá Viejo, the Historic District of Panamá and Fort San Lorenzo, one of the most complete and biggest forts built in Panama.


In the center of one of humankind’s greatest engineering triumphs is another creation: the vast waters of Gatun Lake. But while this lake was man-made — supplying the canal with millions of gallons of water each day and helping larger vessels transit the canal — its surroundings are utterly wild and untamed. On a guided excursion, you can peer into the lush forested shores to spy howler monkeys clinging to trees and hundreds of species of birds. Also, travel by canoe to meet members of the Embera tribe who call this region home.


The Panama Canal took a full 10 years to complete, with upward of 50,000 laborers at a time. More than 60 million pounds of dynamite were used to excavate and construct the canal, and workers were tasked with carving through granite and thick jungle. When it finally opened in August 15, 1914, this 51-mile-long waterway became the world’s greatest shortcut that literally transformed the course of travel: ships crossing from New York to California could do so in eight to 10 hours, compared to the hazardous 8,000-mile-long journey around Cape Horn.


The historic locks are still operating with a new third lane — the Cocoli and Agua Clara Locks — which has since doubled the Canal’s capacity. This major expansion was completed in 2016 and ushered in a new era that opens opportunities for maritime trade and to accommodate larger cruise vessels. Princess® was the first “post-Panamax” cruise ship to carry more than 3,000 guests through the newly opened locks. This season, a number of Princess ships will be available to sail through the canal.

Panama Canal Historic Locks Experience

Transiting the historic Panama Canal locks is an incredible experience, and the human ingenuity it took to realize this marvel will leave you in awe. Throughout your Panama Canal cruise, you’ll also sail to sun-drenched port cities that invite you to get to know their local flavor, from delicious cuisine to welcoming culture.

Fuerte Amador, Panama

Jutting out into the Pacific Ocean, this artificial peninsula is the perfect launching point to experience the marvels of Panama City and the iconic canal. From close-up views of the locks and wildlife spotting around Gatun Lake to meeting members of the Embera tribe, you will come away with a lifetime of memories.


Princess Cruises® was the first major cruise line to sail the newly expanded locks, and you can get a closer look at the system on this new excursion.

Fuerte Amador Excursion

Puerto Chiapas, Mexico

This port leads you deeper into the state of Chiapas where you can discover the historic city of Tapachula, taste handcrafted chocolate, meet local artists and artisans and venture off the beaten path into dense mangrove forests.


Visit the pre-Columbian Izapa ruins believed to be the origin of the Mayan calendar.

Puerto Chiapas Excursion

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena’s walled Old Town is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site with cobblestone roads and brightly colored colonial architecture draped in bougainvillea. Just like the old walls are still standing, the Spanish-built fortress Castillo San Felipe de Barajas still remains proudly atop a hill.

Cartagena Excursion


Board a boat to cruise Cartagena Bay and enjoy local delicacies prepared by a chef, followed by a tour of the walled Old Town.

Limón, Costa Rica

Stretching gracefully along Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, Limón is a lush, diverse region that’s bursting with eco-adventures. There are 125 miles of shoreline with white-sand beaches and swaying coconut trees, with abundant mangrove forests and dense rainforests.

Limón Excursion


Visit the world’s first sanctuary dedicated to sloths, and then delve into the rainforest to see sloths and other wildlife in their natural habitats.

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

On the southwestern coast of Nicaragua, outdoor adventures meet cultural immersion. This once quiet fishing village has been transformed into a beachfront destination, but still holds on to its laid-back charm and local flavor.

San Juan del Sur Excursion


Stroll the picturesque city of Granada, sail the freshwater Lake Nicaragua and visit an archipelago of lush volcanic islets.

Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Let this port be your gateway to Costa Rica. Check off the activities you’ve dreamed of experiencing, from strolling the dynamic capital city of San Jose to delving deep into eco-adventures that put you closer to nature.

Puntarenas Excursion


Take in the rainforest from a gondola. A jungle cruise gives you another view, followed by a visit to a richly biodiverse estuary.