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I know that travel agents are not supposed to have a favorite when it comes to travel. But I really do! My favorite town in Italy is Siena. It is a small town in the Tuscany region with a medieval feel to it. It has a fan shaped central square, Palazzo del Campo. This is where the famous Palio horse race that takes place twice a year. This race has been taking place since the 6th century. For everyone born in Siena they are born into a Contrade or “district”. Each Contrade has a horse that gets to race against each other. The race has a been many strange rules, traditions and customs. The town is not to be missed if in the Tuscany area! For more information contact Lisa at Travel By Lisa, Inc.

Popular Italian Destinations

One of the oldest cities in the entire world dating nearly 3000 years back to 753 BC. Rome is sprawling with ancient ruins waiting to be explored!


Venice is built on over 100 small scattered islands. These islands are all joined by Bridges and disconnected by canals.


Cinque Terre is made up of a bunch of sea side towns and villages off the coast of Italy.

Cinque Terre

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