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Spain Classics & Portugal Extras

Enhance your travel experience by choosing from a variety of optional tour enhancements, available at additional costs, each designed to deepen and personalize your exploration of stunning destinations. These add-ons range from pre and post-tour extensions in places like Barcelona and Madeira Island, to specialized excursions in Valencia and Lisbon, offering everything from cultural immersions and scenic explorations to leisure activities tailored to enrich every aspect of your journey.

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Optional Tour Enhancements

Incorporating tour add-ons into your vacation can immensely enhance your travel experience. These optional extras allow for a deeper and more personalized exploration of your destination. From cultural immersions and nature explorations to leisure activities, each add-on is crafted to enrich your journey beyond the standard itinerary. They offer a chance to engage with aspects of your destination that you're most passionate about, making your trip more tailored to your interests. Not only do these additions provide variety and depth to your travel experience, but they also give you the flexibility to shape your vacation according to your preferences, ensuring that your time is spent in the most fulfilling and enjoyable way possible.

6 Day, 4 Night Barcelona & Costa Brava Pre Tour Extension

Per Person Rates:
$1,199 Double, $1,599 Single, Land Only

The optional pre-tour extension offers an immersive experience starting with an overnight flight to Barcelona, Spain, where the extension begins. The journey continues to the stunning regions of Girona and Costa Brava, where guests will have the opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes of these areas. The itinerary includes dedicated time to enjoy the beauty of Costa Brava, along with visits to the picturesque villages of Calella de Palafrugell and Llafranc, and the historic town of Besalu, before returning to Barcelona. This prelude to the main tour promises a blend of scenic beauty, cultural exploration, and leisure, setting the stage for an unforgettable adventure.

5 Day, 4 Night Madeira Island Post Tour Extension

Per Person Rates:
$1,499 Double, $1,849 Single, Land & Air

On Day 15, the journey transitions to Madeira Island, celebrated as the "pearl of the Atlantic," known for its subtropical climate, mountainous terrain, and volcanic caves. Upon arrival and some free time for lunch, guests explore Funchal's downtown with a local guide and visit the Botanical Garden, boasting a collection of over 2,500 plant species. Day 16 offers a day at leisure in Funchal, capped with an evening espetada dinner, complete with folk dancing and music. The adventure continues on Day 17 with a visit to Câmara de Lobos, a picturesque village once frequented by Sir Winston Churchill, and includes a drive to Cabo Girão and a thematic center dedicated to bananas, concluding with free time in Porto Moniz for a possible swim in volcanic pools. The tour returns to Lisbon on Day 18, providing time at leisure before concluding on Day 19, leaving guests with lasting memories of Portugal.

Estoril Portugal's Riviera: The Estoril Coast & Sintra

Per Person Rates: $99

Portugal's Riviera, often heralded as the "playground of kings," has historically been the choice retreat for numerous historical figures and world leaders, imbuing the area with an air of sophistication. This captivating tour takes you to the enchanting village of Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its whimsical palaces, including a visit to its illustrious National Palace.


The journey continues with a scenic drive through the mountains of Sintra, leading to Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of continental Europe, offering breathtaking views. The route then follows the rugged coastline, passing by Guincho Beach, a renowned haven for wind surfers, before reaching the cosmopolitan town of Cascais. Here, you will find a charming bay that boasts stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean.


The duration of this tour is approximately 5.5 hours. Please note that a minimum of 15 passengers is required for the tour to operate. Transportation to and from the sites is included, ensuring a comfortable and seamless experience as you explore the Riviera's historic and natural beauty.

Valencia Myths & Legends of Valencia with Tapas

Per Person Rates: $90 

Embark on an intriguing exploration of Valencia with a nighttime walk, immersing yourself in the area's enigmatic stories and legends. This unique experience begins with a delightful tapas dinner, complemented by regional wines, all the while serenaded by the traditional melodies of local music.


Following dinner, you will join a local expert who will guide you through the old town of Valencia, sharing tales of local ghosts and legends. This journey offers a new perspective on Valencia, allowing you to experience the city's historical depth and cultural richness under the cover of night.


The duration of this experience is approximately 3 hours. It is important to note that the tour requires a minimum of 12 passengers to proceed. Transportation to and from the starting point of the walk is provided, ensuring a comfortable and convenient exploration of Valencia's mystical side.

Lisbon Portuguese Musical Traditions with Dinner

Per Person Rates: $130

Fado represents the quintessential fusion of voice and guitar, embodying the soul of Portuguese musical tradition. Characterized by a shawl, a guitar, a voice, and profound emotional expression, Fado has been honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Patrimony. This recognition underscores its significance as a form of world music that profoundly encapsulates the essence of Portuguese identity. The origins of Fado are shrouded in mystery, yet it continues to reside at the core of Portugal’s cultural heritage.


During your visit to Lisbon, immerse yourself in an authentic Fado experience at one of the city’s renowned Fado restaurants. Here, professional artists will perform while you indulge in a three-course candlelit dinner, featuring exquisite regional Portuguese dishes accompanied by wine. This Fado dinner and show offer an unparalleled opportunity to engage with Portugal’s rich cultural traditions in an intimate setting.


The experience lasts approximately 4 hours, providing ample time to savor the music and cuisine. Please note that the event requires a minimum of 20 participants to proceed. Transportation to and from the venue is included, ensuring a seamless and memorable evening of Portuguese heritage and culinary delight.

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