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Spain Classics & Portugal Terms & Conditions

Please review the terms and conditions outlined below, which contain essential information regarding booking policies, cancellations, and liability. By reserving a tour, you agree to these terms, which are designed to ensure a clear and mutual understanding between all parties involved.

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Terms & Conditions

Payments & Inclusions

A deposit of $698 per person is due upon reservation. Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis. Reservations made after the deposit due date of September 23, 2024 are based upon availability. Final payment due by December 28, 2024. Deposits are refundable up until September 30, 2024.

Tour Terms & Conditions

Rates valid until Sep 30, 2024, valid on air inclusive packages only.


The overall activity level of this tour is a level 3. This means you’re an on-the-go traveler. You don’t want to miss a thing, so walking and standing for longer periods of time (2-3 hours) isn’t a big deal. A moderately paced two-and-a-half-hour walking tour, covering several miles, hills, and uneven surfaces, is no problem for you. Walking four miles over the course of a day is very doable, as is climbing into and out of various modes of transportation (tuk-tuk, cable car, zodiac, etc.). You can climb three flights of stairs easily and handle altitudes between 6,000 and 9,000 feet. Expect some longer days with early mornings or late nights balanced with free time to recharge or set out on your own adventure. This level is not a fit for travelers who require mobility assistance devices.


If you require any special assistance while on tour, please make us aware at time of reservation so the necessary request form can be sent to your attention.


Single accommodations are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis. Single rate subject to change based on availability.


To complete your tour, we include roundtrip airport-to-hotel transfers when purchasing our airfare with your tour. If you have arranged for your own air, we are pleased to provide you the option of purchasing these transfers. Please note that all transfers will leave at pre-scheduled times.


*On the rare occasion that the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is not available, you will instead visit another top Spanish attraction.


**Alhambra tickets are not guaranteed and subject to availability per Spanish Governing Authority. On the occasion that tickets are not available, you will visit another top Spanish attraction and your group leader or travel agent will be notified. Complete passport information is required 120 days prior to departure to book tickets to the Alhambra. If passport information is incomplete or inaccurate within 120 days prior to your tour departure, there is a strong possibility that we will be unable to confirm entrance tickets. You will be subject to any additional charges incurred from failing to provide passport information within the designated time frame.


For air-inclusive reservations, the name provided at time of booking must match your government-issued ID that will be used during travel. Name changes are subject to penalties.


Please be advised many airlines do not provide advance seat assignments until check-in at the airport. Advance seating will be subject to the airline's terms and conditions.


Passports are required for this tour at your expense. Certain countries require that
your passport be valid at least 6 months beyond the dates of your travel. You are
strongly urged to contact the appropriate consulate for details. Visit for the U.S. State Department for the latest details about
passports and visa requirements.



We recommend that travelers take a photocopy of their passport and applicable visas. It should be packed separately from your actual passport and visa. We also recommend leaving a copy at home with your emergency contact. Effective for travel in May 2025, all visitors who do not need a visa to enter Europe will be expected to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver, for a fee, when visiting a Schengen Area Country. To identify Schengen Area Countries and to complete the ETIAS application, please visit


Hotel check-in on your day of arrival is 3:00 p.m. Rooms may not be available prior to that time.


***The Seville Cathedral requires a dress code that does not allow for shorts, flip flops, bare shoulders or hats.


Economy air rate and schedule are applicable for groups of 10 or more traveling on the same flights and dates.

Travel By Lisa Terms & Conditions

Assistance Clause: Travel by Lisa regrets that it cannot provide individual assistance to tour members for walking, dining, and other personal needs. Persons requiring such assistance must be accompanied by a companion who is capable of and entirely responsible for providing that assistance.


Please inquire with Lisa at the time of booking about non-refundable fares, as they may be less expensive!


Responsibility: Travel by Lisa acts solely as an agent for its tour patrons in arranging transportation, lodging, sightseeing, and other services. As such, it cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss, delay, injury, or accident resulting from the actions or defaults of the companies or individuals engaged in providing these services. Rates quoted are based on tariffs in effect at the time of printing and are subject to change by the time of final payment.


Travel by Lisa expressly reserves the right to withdraw any tour or make necessary changes, including accommodation or transportation substitutions, with or without notice. No carrier involved in the tours will incur any responsibility or liability beyond that of a common carrier. Travel by Lisa notifies that all tickets and coupons are issued by them, and all arrangements for transport, conveyance, or hotel accommodations are made by them acting as agents for the passengers, under the express condition that they shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, or irregularity which may occur due to a defect in any vehicle or through the acts or defaults of any company or person engaged in conveying the passenger, or any hotel proprietor or employee, or otherwise in connection therewith. Carriers have no responsibility to any person participating in these tours beyond their liability as common carriers.


The airlines and/or steamship lines are not to be held as conveyances. The passage contracts issued by the airline and/or steamship lines, when issued, will constitute the sole contract between the carrier and the purchaser and/or passenger of these tours. Travel by Lisa cannot accept responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delays, schedule changes, weather, strikes, quarantine, or other causes. All such losses or expenses must be borne by the passengers. All rates and fares are based on current tariffs at the time of printing and are subject to adjustment in the event of changes at the time of final payment. Travel by Lisa reserves the right to decline to accept or retain any person as a member of any tour or to cancel or alter the tour.

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