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Exotic Food

Upon recent travels I was given the opportunity to feast upon the national dish of Iceland, that is "Hakarl" also known as fermented shark. Hakarl is made with the meat of Greenland sharks when fresh, the meat is considered poisonous. Therefore the shark must be pressed to let the fluids out of the body. The shark is left like this to ferment for the next 6-12 weeks. While drying a crusty layer will form which is then removed prior to dicing up the shark into small pieces for serving.

Fermented Shark, Iceland


Black Pudding, United Kingdom


While touring the United Kingdom I kept seeing an item on local menu's called, "Black Pudding." Black Pudding is a type of blood sausage, made from the blood of pork in addition to either pork fat or beef suet and typically a type of cereal, most commonly used is oatmeal. Often named as a "super food" by some health enthusiasts. Black pudding is definitely one of the United Kingdoms most interesting foods.

Fried Spider, Cambodia

Enjoyed by everyone from the locals of Cambodia to tops chefs such as Gordon Ramsay. Fried Spider is prepared just as you would expect, fried to your liking. Known as a delicacy in regions of Cambodia and Vietnam. These spiders can range in size from only a couple of inches to the size of a human palm. These Fried Spiders are definitely for the more extreme travelers that are wanting the total Cambodian experience.


One of Scotland's signature dishes I was fortunate enough to taste consists of either sheep or calf's pluck (heart, liver, and lungs). This famous dish is commonly known as Haggis. In addition to the pluck it is often mixed with oatmeal, suet, and seasoning then boiled in a bag making it ready to serve. 

Haggis, Scotland


Guinea Pig, Peru

Incredibly popular in Peruvian Civilizations is a dish that includes a rather odd choice of protein, Guinea Pig also known as "Cuy" in Peru. Commonly Prepared fried, Cuy is finally served with the head, paws, and feet still intact. This delicacy of Peruvian cuisine is also served and eaten throughout South America.


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