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I sailed on Viking River cruise starting in Budapest, Hungary to Germany. You have to understand that taking a river cruise is completely different than an ocean cruise. You board the ship and you can instantly tell you are in for a treat. The ship has only three floors of public areas so it doesn’t take long to familiarize yourself with the ship. There are basically three different types of accommodations. The lead in category is a fixed picture widow that is at water level. The next up is a French balcony which is a sliding glass door which you can open but you can not step out on to. The last room type is the verandah balcony which has a sliding glass door that you can walk out on to a balcony area with chairs. I would be happy to tell you all about them because I have experienced them all.


For lunch they have two options, you can go to the main dining room or you can go to the alternative dining experience. The crew will open the floor length windows so you get an al fresco dining experience. This is located right at the bow of the ship, they even have rocking chairs to enhance the experience further. There is nothing like eating your lunch and taking in all the beautiful views along the way. After lunch, you can head right to the top deck and sit there and sailing down enjoying the river.


Every evening you meet in the lounge area before dinner. The staff goes over the excursions that are taking place the next day. They will answer all questions at this time for the tours. Then you go on to the dining room which is a great experience. It is a resort casual atmosphere so need for formal attire.  They have open dining meaning you walk into the main dining room and have a seat anywhere. You can easily get a window table. It is really nice to switch up your seat every evening because you will meet the nicest people. The menu has a variety of options and if you have a special diet that can be accommodated to also. With lunch and dinner you get wine and beer included with your meal.


I could go over the whole itinerary but in this case I feel that the stops the ship makes are truly a bonus. Many go and use the ship as the destination. There are not many vacations that are so relaxing where you can unpack once and go to so many places. Enjoy! 

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